Sunday, August 17, 2008

late day light

I know I haven't put much up here yet about how much I love my new camera. I let myself get sidetracked with family and schedules and bills and dinner, etc... and haven't picked it up as much as I should. Well a couple of weeks ago I was having one of those days. It was time to pick up my son from scouts and for some reason I was just in the blahs. As I was walking to my car I noticed how beautiful everything looked. The sun was getting ready to set and the light was just a little hazy and kind of an orangy, pinkish color. Almost all at once my mood changed. I looked straight ahead and saw the light bouncing off the horses with an early moon almost directly overhead. I ran back in the house as fast as I could and grabbed my camera.
As I was driving to the church building the sunset just became even more vivid. I couldn't resist getting a picture, but I was driving. So, I picked up my camera and without looking through or changing any settings I shot about 10 pictures out my window. This was my favorite.
I've taken about a million pictures of the sunset behind the trees out here. It will always amaze me. One time, however, the sight was even more amazing. This next picture was taken in June at about 5pm. It normally is not dark yet at that time, and it was this time either, other than the monsoon season hit early (I think in honor of my sister Emily visiting. She has a relationship with the monsoons.) The clouds created the most amazing effect and changed the sun to red. Emily ran inside to get me and I handed her my point and shoot and ran home to get my D300. Here is one of the results.
I don't know how anyone can look at these scenes and not believe in God. I know that is completely off topic, but comes to mind every time I see them. Nature is amazing and the way light bounces off everything is dazzling. It renews my spirit and can calm me and put perspective on my seemingly "hard days". Beauty is everywhere. If we don't take a breath and open our eyes we may miss it.


prism said...

I feel the same way. It is the same for me - if I'm feeling blah, or stagnant or down or depleted, or whatever un-positive, I can take a walk in the trees or go outside and close my eyes to feel the breeze and listen to the birds.. or even something as small as the intricate veins in a leaf or the iridescence on the back of a beetle.

It re-fills my cup of inspiration, strengthens my spirit, and reaffirms God's love for me.

Kim said...

Wow - amazing pictures. I feel the same way about nature. When you see the beauty, how can you NOT believe in God, and how can you NOT feel better?

Sunsets are awesome. I love clouds too. Whenever I see them, it makes me happy.

Keep posting pictures - you are an awesome photographer.

Thuh Daynuh's said...

I'm so glad that I checked out your pictures! They are beautiful! I missed those Arizona sunsets while living in Texas!