Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Bennett's blessing day

Welcome little Bennett. We are so happy that you are here!

(Last week I had the opportunity to immerse myself in photography, family, and beautiful experiences. I loved every second of it. For the next couple of weeks I will put up the work I've been doing. Today is dedicated to an amazingly handsome young man. His name is Bennett and he is my nephew.

I got to watch my baby brother bless his baby on Sunday. Then, I got to cry as I listened to the beautiful testimonies born by my brother, sister-in-law, and mother. After the meeting we went to a small luncheon and put together an impromptu photo shoot in my brother's front room.)

He looks so happy to be here as well.

He is very sweet, from his hands... his feet. (Hee hee)

Here's the beautiful little family all together.

As you can see, his momma loves him very much.

So does his daddy.

Even when it's time to hand him off.


Darilyn said...

Wow, that first picture of him is award winning. Seriously, you should enter that somewhere. What a beautiful baby. It's making me wish I could have mine over so I could have you take their pictures. And that is saying something because who wants to go through that again?

ducklips said...

Darilyn, that is such a great compliment. Thank you! You know, I would love to take pictures of your babies, even though they're almost grown.